Types of Blinds

Roman blinds

Roman blinds are soft fabric blinds, which fold into pleats when raised. They are mounted above the window and have a cord attached to one side. This style has textural interest yet is lighter than drapery. They are adaptable - with a simple plain fabric Roman blinds will look modern and stylish, whilst those made with a patterned, darker fabric, particularly when paired with a valance, will create a sumptuous classical look.

Roman blinds are suitable for a range of fabrics, for example, a thicker fabric to block out light in a bedroom or a lighter fabric in a kitchen to let in a glow of sunlight whilst still giving privacy.



Roller blinds


Another well-known style, roller blinds are durable and practical. They are lowered up and down around a roller, with a cord at one side. Roller blinds are flat and give a clean look. They are the best option for blocking out light and keeping in heat. Choose a bold design for impact or keep it simple with block colour.




Swedish blinds

Swedish blinds are similar to roller blinds but with a twist. They also roll up, but in this case they roll in on themselves, rather than over, and so you see both sides of the fabric, unlike a roller blind. The cord and pulley system is also a feature. Swedish blinds create a charming, softer look.

London blinds

London blinds are mix of a roman blind and an Austrian blind. They feature an inverted pleat and ruching at the bottom. London blinds are very attractive and are often used as a decorative piece.